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The first collection of stress-free hair removal products perfect for every person.

Even for you.

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Fler, your new razor

Giving your bathroom something extra to brag about.
Everything will run smoothly
Fler's blades are encased in a moisture pad enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E for gentle, smooth hair removal.
Built to last
Fler is made with durable, high quality materials to ensure that your razor lasts a long time. 👋🏽 disposable razors!
The Fab 5
Super sharp, gentle, precise. Fler's five blades are perfect for every part of your body.
Stress-free formula
Customise your Fler plan and choose how often you want to receive your new cartridges, straight to your bathroom.
Under the spotlight
The Fler razor comes with a matching wall holder. That way, you'll always know where to leave it: in plain sight.
Carbon neutral <3
Fler offsets the CO2 emissions of every shipment. You choose how to do it, Fler makes it happen.
How it works?
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    Choose your colour

    Sicily, Blush, Pine. Which one makes your heart skip a beat? Your razor will arrive in your bathroom with the matching wall holder and 2 blades.

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    Choose your frequency

    The only right frequency is yours. Choose how often to receive 4 new blades for your Fler razor, straight to your door. You can always add body products to your plan.

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    Take a break

    You can always change or cancel your Fler plan whenever you want. But you will be missed 💔

Fler, your body collection
Body-care made with love, thinking about you.
blank The Razor Starter Set
The Razor Starter Set The razor, the holder and 2 blades €19.90
blank Smooth Skin Gift Set
Smooth Skin Gift Set The Razor Starter Set, Foamtastic Amber & Slow It Down €39.90 €46.70
blank Glowy Skin Set
Glowy Skin Set The Razor Starter Set, Foamtastic Coconut & Fresh Glow €44.90 €53.70
blank Velvet Care
Velvet Care Intimate Cleansing Mousse with Prebiotics €15.90
blank The All In Set
The All In Set The Razor Starter Set, 4 Refill Blades, Foamtastic Coconut, Velvet Care, Slow it Down, Hoily Drops, Razor Travel Case & Candle-icious €104.90 €131.20
blank Hoily Drops
Hoily Drops Soothing & Healing Ingrown Treatment €24.90
blank Dream Team Set
Dream Team Set The Razor Starter Set, Foamtastic, Slow It Down & Hoily Drops €64.90 €71.60
blank Perfect Shaving Set
Perfect Shaving Set The Razor Starter Set, Foamtastic Amber & Razor Travel Case €34.90 €38.70
blank Slow it down
Slow it down Softening & natural hair inhibiting body lotion €14.90
blank Skin-Sentials Set
Skin-Sentials Set Slow it Down & Hoily Drops €33.90 €39.80
blank Fresh Glow
Fresh Glow Crackling body mousse with glowy finish €21.90
blank V Care Duo
V Care Duo Hoily Drops & Velvet Care €34.90 €40.80
blank Care Essentials Set
Care Essentials Set Foamtastic Coconut, Slow It Down & Hoily Drops €44.90 €51.70
blank Foamtastic Coconut
Foamtastic Coconut Shave mousse with coconut oil & shea butter €11.90
blank Travel Essentials Set
Travel Essentials Set Foamtastic Coconut Travel & Hoily Drops €30.90 €32.80
blank Foamtastic Amber
Foamtastic Amber Shave mousse with carrot extract & shea butter €11.90
blank Candle-icious
Candle-icious Scented candle Oud Amber €28.90
blank Foamtastic Coconut Travel
Foamtastic Coconut Travel Shave mousse with coconut oil & shea butter €7.90
blank Fresh Glow Duo
Fresh Glow Duo Crackling body mousse with glowy finish dual pack €35.90 €43.80
blank Pack Me Up
Pack Me Up Beauty Case €15.90
blank Razor Travel Case
Razor Travel Case Protective razor travel case €4.90 €6.90
blank Wall Holder
Wall Holder Razor Wall Holder €3.90
blank 4 Refill Blades
4 Refill Blades Stainless steel blades €9.90
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Truly satisfied, the razor blades are unlike any other razor (I've tried them all) they glide smoothly over the skin without causing cuts or irritation. Plus for the gorgeous packaging!
Federica E.
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