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Intimate Shaving: How to use the Razor without causing Irritations
Intimate Shaving: How to use the Razor without causing Irritations
The ultimate step-by-step guide to a perfect and safe intimate shave.

The Benefits of Shaving using the Razor

Shaving offers numerous advantages, primarily speed: you can use a razor at the last minute and quickly achieve silky smooth skin in just a few seconds.

Compared to other hair removal methods, shaving is more versatile because it allows you to easily reach every part of the body, including intimate areas.


Potential Drawbacks

But even shaving has its flaws, all depending on the razor you use!


You've likely experienced this yourself—after using a razor, you've noticed red or even irritated areas: this happens because the skin in the intimate area might be sensitive, or due to shaving "dry," that is, without preparing the skin first.


There's also another unpleasant and common post-shave consequence: those dreaded ingrown hairs!


But what is an ingrown hair? It's a hair that, instead of growing naturally, develops under the skin. It's easily recognizable as it appears as a small red irritation with a black dot (the hair).


While harmless, this issue can cause discomfort or even lead to folliculitis, an infection of the hair follicles.


To prevent this, this article provides a step by step guide to achieving perfect shaving using your razor. But first, let's focus for a moment on another very popular hair removal method, which is waxing.


Razor vs. Waxing: Which is the Best Method?

There are two kind of people: those who love the razor and those who hate it. And often, those in the second "team" prefer waxing.


Undoubtedly, the greatest benefit of waxing is leaving the skin hair-free for longer, but at the same time, it requires waiting times between sessions, as the hair needs to have regrown to a certain extent before doing it again. Moreover, it requires expert hands because, as we well know, it only takes a moment to irritate the skin. The pulls, especially in intimate areas, in addition to being very painful, can cause injuries, redness, and irritation.


The situation does not improve at all when we think about the costs of waxing, which, whether at a salon or DIY, are always higher than those of a razor.


Surely you think that sooner or later the razor must be thrown out and replaced, but in reality, this is a problem you can easily solve if you abandon disposable razors and choose a type of razor that can last forever, like the Fler razor.


The Step by Step Guide to a Perfect Intimate Shave

1. Thin Out the Hair

If you have fairly long hair, we recommend trimming it with scissors before proceeding with intimate shaving, so the razor blades can glide smoothly.


2. Prepare the Skin

Before shaving, we recommend preparing the area to be treated. We suggest a light scrub with an exfoliating glove (the one included in our Hoily Drops anti-irritation kit is perfect) on wet skin. This will help remove dead skin cells and counteract the formation of ingrown hairs.


3. Choose the Perfect Razor

To achieve a perfect shave, knowing how to choose the right razor is crucial. Opt for a razor with a flexible head, which can follow the movements of your hand flexibly. The perfect razor has 5 blades and a lubricated ring around it, to make the shave extremely comfortable and smooth. The Fler Razor has just these features!


4. Apply the Foam

Never forget to apply a gentle shaving foam that aids in shaving: take a small amount and spread it while avoiding intimate parts. The foam will allow the razor to slide better, protecting the skin. We recommend trying our Foamtastic foam, a soft and moisturizing cloud that will help you achieve soft and silky skin.

5. How to Use the Razor

If the area you are shaving is not exactly flat, like the intimate area, gently pull the skin taut and then pass the razor, with the most precise movements possible. Use the right technique: initially follow the direction of the hair growth and then go against the grain.

✨ Watch the video on our Instagram profile for steps to an irritation-free intimate shave!


6. After the Intimate Shave 

Do not neglect the post-shaving phase: pamper and nourish your skin with a moisturizing cream, such as the Slow It Down hair inhibiting body lotion, or a concentrated nourishing oil that counteracts irritation, like Hoily Drops.


7. Why you should choose Fler

Fler is the first Italian brand specialized in hair removal, and our products have been created with a focus on quality, functionality, and design.


The Fler Razor is made of aluminum and is designed to last forever; you only need to hang it on its holder and change the blades after every 5-7 uses on all your body!


Additionally, we have developed a continuously evolving body care product line: currently, the Fler collection includes the two pre-shave Foamtastic foams, the moisturizing and hair inhibiting body lotion Slow It Down, and finally the anti-irritation and ingrown hair kit Hoily Drops.


All our products are designed to be inclusive, gender-neutral, and sustainable, formulated with powerful natural ingredients and perfect for everyone's needs, including yours.

✨ Did you know that...

pubic hairs are often considered unhygienic?

Actually, they play an important role in protecting the skin in that area from external aggressions such as friction, compression, and other factors.

They also act as a barrier against bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms, helping to prevent infections.

Without pubic hair, the local bacterial flora can be compromised, increasing the risk of infections.

Remember, the choice to remove pubic hair is entirely yours !

The Razor Starter Set The Razor Starter Set
The Razor Starter Set The razor, the holder and 2 blades

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