Say goodbye to post-shave sensitive skin and irritations with Fler!

Say goodbye to post-shave sensitive skin and irritations with Fler!

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Say Goodbye to Ingrown Hairs
Say Hello to Smooth & Radiant Skin

Say Goodbye to Ingrown Hairs
Say Hello to Smooth & Radiant Skin

With Fler, speed up and enhance your shaving routine. Say goodbye to irritations caused by shaving, waxing with just four easy steps.

Fler provides everything you need:

Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin

Stop strawberry skin and irritations

5 blades for the closest shave

Products designed for a stress-free shave

Assorted skincare and shaving products with a washcloth and safety razor on a black background.

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Five circular portraits of women using skincare products with a '+12k' sign on the right.

Join the revolution

Assorted skincare and shaving products with a washcloth and safety razor on a black background.

3 Causes of Ingrown Hairs and Irritations

Abstract illustration of bone marrow and blood cell formation.

Lack of exfoliation and hydration

Illustration of a stylized white leg with a bandage and minor cuts against an orange background.

Low-quality blades

Illustration of a red razor shaving bacteria and viruses, depicting hygiene.

Bacteria or trauma
(e.g., dirty razors, waxing, etc.)

With Fler, everything will be smooth

Side-by-side comparison of a person's thigh showing skin improvement over two weeks.
Four diverse people posing with skincare products.

I've been using Fler since it hit the market, and I have realized from that very first use that I can't live without it! Zero irritations and zero ingrown hairs. I ‘ve also noticed that, perhaps thanks to the body lotion, the hairs grow back finer and easier to remove in the next shave. It’s a must-have!

Four diverse people posing with skincare products.

Claire B.

Woman shaving her leg with a razor and shaving cream.

Fast, smooth, and
cut-free shaving

With 5 blades, lubricant-wrapped head, and RolaTek technology, our razor ensures precise, irritation-free shaving.

Four colorful razors arranged side by side on a wet surface.

Unique design for
lasting quality

Bid farewell to disposables with our anodized aluminum razor, available in 4 colours. Hang it stylishly in your bathroom with the included wall mount.

Three orange kinesiology tapes on a person's back near the shoulder blades.
Our heads outlast the competition by over twice the lifespan, at half the cost. You can also subscribe for convenient delivery of new cartridges whenever you need them.

Elevate your shaving routine

  • Personal care products including lotion, shave mousse, oil, razor, and textured cloth on white background.
  • Woman holding a modern razor in front of her face.
  • Person holding skincare lotion tube above their thigh with cream dispensed on top.
  • Woman applying oil from a dropper onto thigh, holding a small glass bottle.

Dream Team Set




102 reviews

The perfect set of essentials designed by Fler for a flawless shaving experience. Say goodbye to razor burn, folliculitis, and post-depilation discomfort, and hello to soft, smooth, and hydrated skin.

Four diverse people posing with skincare products.

I've been suffering from razor burn for years. This blade, in addition to having a unique design, is also extremely effective. I bought the complete kit and my skin has noticeably improved.

Four diverse people posing with skincare products.

Everything You Need in One Kit

Vintage electric razor with accessories on a black background.

The Fler Razor

Anodized aluminum, available in 4 colors, with a lubricating ring for smooth, irritation-free shaving. Includes the matching wall mount and 2 replacement 5-blade cartridges.

'Can of Foamtastic shave mousse on a white background.'

Foamtastic Coconut

The super soft and nourishing mousse, perfect to use with your new razor, to minimize redness and irritation.

Peach-colored tube of 'Slow it down' body lotion against a white background.

Slow It Down

Fast-absorbing body lotion with an irresistible scent to deeply moisturize the skin and slow down hair growth.

Perfume bottle with dropper beside a terrycloth pouch.

Hoily Drops

Exfoliating and soothing treatment that acts between shaving to prevent annoying ingrown hairs and maintain soft, irritation-free skin.

Your New Routine in 4 Steps

Wave goodbye to annoying irritations and ingrown hairs 👋


As a first step, use the exfoliating glove on wet skin to remove dead skin and prep for shaving.

Close-up of a person's armpit being revealed by lifting a white sleeve.

Mousse and Razor in Action

Apply a layer of mousse to create a soft cushion between the skin and the blades. Use the razor with long, steady strokes, stopping and rinsing the blade often to keep it always sharp and precise.

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Hydrate and Calm the Skin

Keep your skin soft with Slow It Down thanks to its hair growth delaying and soothing properties, even on the most sensitive skins.

Person dispensing lotion onto their hand from a pink bottle.

Prevent Irritations

For areas that need extra care, finish with Hoily Drops, an oil with antimicrobial and calming properties, the perfect ally to prevent ingrowns and irritations.

Person holding a perfume bottle while using a dropper, with focus on the bottle and dropper.

Order Your Dream Set Today

Fler is different

5 blades for a quick and effective shave

Flexible head for the most delicate areas

Number of shaves

Lasts forever

Lubricating ring
prevents irritation and strawberry skin

Pixelated image of a red razor with a white handle.




Safety Razor


Razor with red head and purple handle against a wet surface.

The Perfect Razor for You (and Your Bathroom)

Choose quality products for a stress-free shaving experience like never before. Display your new razor in the shower or anywhere you prefer, and enjoy the refined details that will transform your bathroom into a luxurious and stylish space.

Transform your shaving routine

Everything You Need to Know

Four diverse individuals posing casually with skincare products.

Get your set now!

A collection of skincare and shaving products including lotions, oils, and a razor.


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